Convertible Top Replacement in Michigan

Carl’s Upholstery services convertible top replacements and convertible top repairs in Michigan. We can handle almost every type of vehicle excluding foreign cars and have years of experience with all types of materials including leather, vinyl, and canvas. We understand the value and priority of your vehicle and take the proper steps to make sure it is done correctly. With 35 years experience the job is guaranteed to be done right the first time. All of our convertible replacement tops are from the manufacturer and include a full warranty; terms depend on the makes and models.

At Carl’s Upholstery, we recognize the importance of a pristine convertible top in maintaining the allure and functionality of your classic car. With our specialized convertible top replacement services, we offer a seamless solution for restoring the elegance and functionality of your cherished vehicle. Whether your convertible top has succumbed to wear and tear over the years or you simply desire an upgrade to enhance its appearance, our skilled craftsmen are equipped with the expertise and precision to deliver exceptional results.

From meticulously selecting top-grade materials to employing advanced techniques, we are committed to ensuring that your classic car receives a convertible top replacement that not only meets but exceeds your expectations. Whether you’re seeking an authentic restoration to retain the original charm of your vehicle or you’re interested in exploring modern options for improved durability and performance, Carl’s Upholstery is your trusted partner in preserving the beauty and legacy of your classic car. Experience the unparalleled craftsmanship and attention to detail that have made us the premier destination for classic car enthusiasts seeking top-quality convertible top replacement services.

Carl’s Upholstery Convertible Top Services Include:

  • Convertible top replacement and repair on canvas or vinyl convertible tops, hard glass or plastic windows.
  • Service on most make and models.
  • Experience with both older and newer vehicle models.
  • Top frame diagnostics and frame repair.
  • Replacement and repair of motors, hydraulics, and lines.

Give us a call today to have your car’s convertible top restore like it was brand new!