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Welcome to Carl’s Upholstery. If you are looking for any type of upholstery service for your RV, look no further than Carl’s Upholstery in Marne, MI.

Our upholstery shop offers reupholstering and RV upholstery replacement in Western Michigan, and we offer services for any make and model of car.

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Carl’s Upholstery has been the trusted source for all your upholstery services in Western Michigan for more than four decades. And when you need professional, proven, and experienced RV upholstery replacement, you need Carl’s Upholstery. Many RV owners complain about the fact that RV upholstery is notoriously renowned for its lack of style, taste, and appeal. The truth is, nobody wants to be in the Griswold’s RV on their vacation, at least as far as the circa 1970s-looking upholstery and decor are concerned.

With Carl’s Upholstery and our expert motorhome reupholstering in Western Michigan, we can help you transform your palace on wheels. Don’t settle for cheap vinyl that doesn’t offer the longevity and appeal of quality vinyl or leather. Let Carl’s Upholstery improve your motorhome and RV’s look, appeal, comfort, and even resale value. Love your motorhome but not so thrilled about the look of your upholstery?

Have you owned your trusted road chariot for more than a few years and could use some work to refresh, replace, or repair your upholstery? Then contact Carl’s Upholstery to restore the life, beauty, and love of your car upholstery and for your home away from home on wheels.

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When it comes to RV upholstery replacement in Marne and the Western Michigan area or for any of your vehicles, we can help. From start to finish, you can let our team of talented, experienced, and professional upholsterers handle all your upholstery needs. With over 40 years of professional experience, we also offer numerous automotive upholstery services. That includes common repairs to services for electron convertible tops, soft side vinyl, seat repairs, and carpet replacement.

Our team can also restore your original upholstery or provide custom automotive upholstery. Additionally, we also specialize in boat and motorcycle upholstery services. We offer the most affordable rates, and we deliver the highest quality products. Thank you for visiting Carl’s Upholstery, where we take pride in our hard work, dedication, and ensuring the satisfaction of every one of our customers.

We are also proud to be members of The National Association of Auto Trim and Restyling Shop. Contact us to learn more about our services or to schedule an appointment today.